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Audra + Charles | From the Archives

A Newnan, Georgia Downtown Session


I was meeting with my newest bride for coffee this week and as we looked through my sample album, we spent a little time gushing over this session that I did with Audra + Charles a couple years back. After getting those warm fuzzies, I knew I had to pull it out for today's blog post! Audra contacted me and told me their exciting ideas for this session. They were soon to move out of state and wanted a fun way to say goodbye to this city they loved and had so many memories in as they moved to the next chapter of their lives. And I was so excited to help her make this a reality!

The bright, happy feel. The suspenders. The floral heels. The balloons. The downtown backdrop. Everything about this session was so perfect! But there's something else about this session that makes me smile every time I look back at these photos. It was this session that really confirmed my love for shooting couples and that I was working toward the right goals. It was a crazy time in my life...my daughter had just turned one, I was working at UWG during the day and busting my butt on nights and weekends building my business. It was a beautiful yet completely exhausting time in my life. But I did this session and it felt so right. I had several weddings and plenty of couples sessions under my belt by this time but I really knew after this one that I wanted to make Wedding + Couples photography the bread and butter of my business. Cliche as it sounds, I just LOVE love! And more than that, I love capturing my clients' love stories! Are you a fun, adventurous couple? Maybe you're a little on the goofy side? Or do you nerd out together with your shared love for cosplay? Whatever it is, I want to be the one to capture who you are together!

After you check out Audra + Charles's session below, I'd love for you to leave a comment telling me what your session would look like if it reflected something about you and your partner as a couple! Would it be simple and sweet? High fashion and dramatic? Nighttime or daylight? For me, I would love to get dressed up all fancy and have a bright and airy session with my husband in Savannah! It's our FAVORITE place to go together and we love getting dressed up and hitting River Street whenever we are there! I can't wait to read your comments!


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