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Cody + Marissa | Engagement Session

A Chattahoochee Bend State Park Engagement Session


I pulled on some jeans and my combat boots on a hot August afternoon in Georgia feeling like a crazy person. But every time I thought of long grasses and trails in the woods, I knew I'd rather sweat a little extra than meet any hiding creatures in other, more weather-appropriate attire! Eek! Thankfully, though, it was all smiles and sunshine at Cody + Marissa's engagement session and we didn't have any creepy crawly run-ins! But I was prepared nonetheless!

I've known both Cody + Marissa for several years now so we took the drive to Chattahoochee Bend State Park together, which allowed us to catch up and talk about wedding plans! We also got to discuss the excitement of she and her sister planning their weddings at the same time. And if that's not a whirlwind of excitement between such sweet sisters, I don't know what is! We arrived at the park in the early evening and Marissa was totally prepared for their session with an awesome wagon (that I now have on my wish list) in tow to hold outfit changes, props and even my bag! And I, in perfect Caitlyn form, reached in my bag to pull out my gray panel and my hand returned with.....one of my son's bibs. Face. Palm. I had looked at that bib earlier in the day and truly believed that it was the gray panel. How does someone even make that kind of error? And how did that bib even get IN my bag?? But, alas, you live and you learn and you make note to be much more thorough in the bag check next time. Thankfully, I found my gray panel in there too a few minutes later and we didn't have to keep using my big white blanket to measure my white balance every time the light changed!

Cody + Marissa's session went beautifully and we had a great time exploring around the trails as we went! It was definitely pretty warm out, but they were troopers! And OH the sweetness between these two! Talk about using a session to soak up the closeness! I caught sweet whispers and extra kisses and nuzzles between them and it was so precious! I had sneak peeks ready to send them early the morning after our session, I was loving it so much! I'm so excited for these two and am counting down the days until their big day! Congrats to you both, Cody + Marissa! You are the sweetest couple and I'm so excited to be a part of this amazing time in your lives!



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