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Learning a New Flow

In December I took that leap of leaving my safe job to pursue my photography full time and be with my kids more. Now that it's June, I think I'm finally getting the hang of this new flow of my life. Side note: one thing I've been consistently awful at is this poor, sad blog. It needs more of my love and attention! So, that's my next goal under "things to improve on" and I'm starting today!

When I started this year, I had a definite idea of what things were going to be like...I made an hourly schedule for each day of the week planned out and I was going to stick to it, gosh darn it! It turns out, though, that I. hate. rigid. structure. And I already knew before that I hated it. So what made me think that I would magically live by it now? Also, having a toddler and an infant around 24/7 really adds a fun twist, so my workflow has more off than on when there are always interruptions like a super important plastic picnic prepared by a 3-year-old where my presence is requested (read: required) or finding that my sweet baby is, once again, munching on the dog food or emptying the contents of my purse. They're lucky they're so cute!

proof of aforementioned cuteness

Once I figured out that the strict schedule thing wasn't working, I went the opposite way for awhile, and said "whatever happens, happens." And that period of time was brought to us by Pajamas, Netflix & Nothing Constructive.

Turns out I needed some structure. So, I had the totally great, totally genius idea to simply adapt the workflow I had already used from my old desk job to my work-from-home job, which had pretty consistent interruptions. I know, mind-blowing, isn't it? I should write a book or something. It would probably change lives. Anyways, I try to live by a daily prioritized to-do list. I give myself a lot more flexibility with when something gets done during that day and I'm a lot more firm with myself that, when I get off-track, I need to get back on--sorry, funny video that's next on the endless Facebook queue, I bet you're great, but I've got editing to do!

I've learned some tricks these last few months. I wear workout clothes so I don't feel like I'm in pj's all day...does anyone else feel like a total bum, incapable of adulting when wearing pj's all day? Or is that just me? Either way, the work out clothes give me the feeling that I got myself ready for the day but I get that awesome comfort of not wearing jeans when I don't have to (score!). I keep Daniel's seat where he can choose to look out the window or watch me in my office while he snacks. And sometimes, when all is right with the world and the stars line up perfectly, I can even get the kids' naps overlap in the afternoon so I can work for a solid hour without interruption (but sometimes I doze on the couch with a basket of laundry at my feet). Sometimes I have a really awesome day and feel like Super Woman. Other days, the kids have NO chill, I forget what patience is and I get zero things done so I have to stay up late working. I'll probably never learn to clean as I go and will forever have my "super fast 5:00 clean-up" routine after I get dinner started so we can make fresh new messes the next day. I'm still learning this new flow. But even on those hard days, I wouldn't change any of what I have now for the world. Pursuing my passion AND being the very present mom that I want to be...it's a dream come true. I'd love you to follow along as I continue this chapter!



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