• Caitlyn Weathers

Oh, sweet Nostalgia.

It's springtime!

And that means high school students all over the country are attending prom! And the rest of us get a little wistful remembering the good old days. I remember when my older sister went to prom back in the 90's. I still romanticize the whole 10 minutes I got to experience of her prom night.

From afar.

While being told to stay out of the way.

She wore a short, deep blue velvet dress that was the epitome of 90's fashion. Her date came and gave her a corsage and my mom took a few awkward photos of them and off she went! Probably with a disposable camera to capture all the best memories of the night.

Oh, the nostalgia.

Oh, the jealousy of a little sister.

It was those moments plus movies like A Cinderella Story and She's All That that made me anticipate my own prom a little too much and it just couldn't reach the hype.

(Except, senior year, I made my best friend who had already graduated go as my date. We danced at the bowling alley afterwards. We held hands on the car ride home. And now, we've been married for 8 years. So. That's cute, yes?

Nevertheless, it's probably good that we've come such a long way since my sister's glorious prom in the 90's.......probably.

So...back to the present!

I arrived at Muse Farms on prom day to a flurry of excitement! I'm telling you, that place was buzzing. All the dresses. All the flowers. All the people. All the paparazzi. And hats off to the people of Muse Farms. They have it together out there! With all that going on, it was easy in, easy out and easy all the way through!

I met up with Blake and her boo and when we got to their first photo area, he gave her the happiest bouquet I've ever seen!!

A far cry from those corsages of past, for sure! I had to get a few good close-ups of that gorgeous arrangement, fersher!

Not only were the flowers fantastic, these two looked ah-mazing! Like...sorry, did I happen upon some models here?

Check out some more favorites from their session below!

And wish with me that there would be more reasons for us middle-classers to wear fancy dresses!

xoxo, Caitlyn