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The Joys of Second Shooting

Second-Shooting at a Bowdon, Georgia Wedding


When I was an intern for a photography duo in college, they taught me that weddings are best handled with two photographers, rather than just one. They told me all the benefits of a two-person team and I took all they told me to heart. Once I began shooting my own weddings, I always did it with another photographer....Until I didn't. For the last few years, I've done most weddings solo; without even an assistant on several occasions. Eek! And the more weddings I shoot, the more I feel that a 2nd photographer is indispensable for most weddings. Now, there are definitely some simple, intimate weddings where it's easy to work alone. And I'm fully confident in my abilities to shoot solo. But there's something to be said for having more than one person cover your day (or the busiest portions of it) and, for the most part, I find myself wishing for a photographer wingman at the weddings I shoot.

A shot behind the scenes when I was the 2nd photographer for Terence Rushin Photography

SO, as many of you know, my wedding packages are updating beginning March 1st. And one of the modifications is that 2 out of 3 of my packages will include coverage from a 2nd photographer automatically! (Cue the balloons and confetti!) In these last years, I've always had it as an option, now I'm putting it right up-front to give my clients the best service possible! So, I've put myself in YOUR shoes and have worked thoughtfully on these adjustments and I'm really excited for the future of Caitlyn Weathers Photography! I'm excited to be working more with my community of photographers and double excited to be giving my couples the best I can offer them for their wedding day! What is it that I find so great about a 2nd photographer at a wedding? Why should you care about having two people capturing your moments, rather than one? First of all, it allows the time to be split up pretty well. One photographer can only be in one place at a time. That means, if you want photos of you AND your fiancé getting ready...you'll have to get ready at different times and the hours start extending that you need coverage for to get everything you want. The photographer has to move between rooms and here you are, in your gorgeous wedding gown...just kind of....waiting. No one likes to wait, especially not on a day that's so full of excitement! So, with someone else there, you can keep moving and keep the excitement going and you don't have to pay for extra coverage, which is always a plus! A 2nd photographer also gives you a whole different perspective of your wedding day. While I'm photographing the vows, my 2nd is over capturing your mother or grandmother's face as they look at you, on the precipice of your marriage, thinking of all that's to come as you take this next step. A 2nd photographer helps get all those 'little' moments that maybe you don't see or don't remember right away when you think back on your day, but when you see the photos later, you're taken back to the day again and again. I always love getting the photos back from someone I shot with and seeing their images from the day. They capture wider angles, grab more candids and seize more moments for you to cherish for the rest of your life.

This last summer, I helped my friend Terence with Terence Rushin Photography at a wedding in Bowdon, GA. The photos in this blog are some highlights from that day! :) Check them out and then check out Terence's awesome work!



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