let's get to know each other

I'm Caitlyn & I believe this is the beginning of something good.

I love to photograph my clients but more than that, I love to build relationships with the people that I work with! Getting to know you and following your family as the years go by brings so much joy & purpose to what I do!

Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to.

I offer three types of photography sessions that cater to all of your different moments in life: The Mini, The Classic, & The Specialty. From your annual family photo session to those once-in-a-lifetime moments that you'll remember forever, I love to be there to make sure that your photos are everything you hope for them to be. AND to help you have fun along the way! Hop over to the Contact tab to get in touch today about booking the perfect session for you!

What makes me the right fit for you?

I was the girl who always said I couldn't do family photography sessions. But, as it tends to go, my priorities shifted over time. It started when I had kids of my own. They are the absolute best two kids I know (who are also slowly driving me to insanity).
I also started my work in children's ministry and by now my life revolves a lot around children. I love getting excited with them, getting on their level, and bringing fun and silliness to photo sessions. Because that's what makes them open up and glow!

What session type is right for you?
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